Earthwise Education

Forest Friends 

Outdoor Kindergarten Program




Receive a warm greeting from trusted teachers as you enter into the magical embrace of your forest classroom.  Run to join friends who are pretending to be squirrels, or hold the hand of a teacher as you balance on a log across a little creek.  During circle, take delight in embodying stories and singing songs inspired by the recent happenings of the forest.  Later, notice new sounds as you fox-walk down a trail on a search for turkeys, or practice counting as you sort acorns into baskets.   Watch the wind dance in the trees as you sit on a cozy blanket listening deeply to an enchanting story.  Later you will have a chance to lift your voice in gratitude to the Earth and all your relations before you share homemade acorn bread around a fire with your village of forest friends

In this Earth-oriented outdoor preschool / kindergarten program, children are invited to fall in love with Earth, with each other, and with life itself.  


I cannot say enough good things about Kelly.  She is a warm, nurturing, thoughtful and gifted teacher.  Kelly has an inherent quality, a gentle and authoritative command that children magnetize to but also know who is in charge.  My son flourishes in Kelly’s program.  He looks forward to each day and comes home full of smiles and excited about what he’s learned.
— Sarah P, mother of 5 year old boy

The nature program with Teacher Kelly is such a gift to our daughter. She gets to have the glorious outdoors as her classroom and the best teacher, friend, and guide in Kelly. She is a master at tuning in to each child’s needs and stage of development while nurturing their love and reverence for nature. The children get to socialize and play and have their love of learning deeply fortified by Kelly and this program.
— Rani D, mother of 5 year old girl