About Earthwise Education

Our Philosophy


We wish to educate people in the skills and cultural practices that they need in order to be able to thrive in harmony with the natural world and with the human community at the same time.  We recognize and strive to mirror the interwoven-ness of nature, spirit, and culture.  We offer first-hand experiences of healthy wild eco-systems, and we are inspired by them to learn and teach how to be resilient, cooperative, and generous with our gifts.  We honor the positive contributions that humans can make to the earth community, as well as the contributions of every other species.  We humans can learn to be wise and creative tenders of wild and cultivated communities, and truly leave the world better than we found it. 

We hold a strong intention to recognize and nurture each individual’s unique gifts while simultaneously nurturing their ability to recognize and appreciate the gifts of others.   



Educating Children

We realize how important it is to meet people where they are at developmentally and we know that children of different ages need very different kinds of support for their optimum development.  Rudolf Steiner, the creator of Waldorf education, shared deep insights into how to best support children through different stages of development.  Subsequent educators have grown these insights and we draw on many of the rich understandings and wise practices of Waldorf education, as well as many other educational threads, as we educate and hold the children.