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Note from Teacher Kelly: As a parent myself, I understand the challenge this can present. Parents need time to get things done, and sitting children in front of a screen seems like the simplest solution! But so much good can come from making a hard boundary with yourself about this. It might mean that you have to redesign your life so you have more time to do things like cooking or cleaning at a slower pace that will allow your child to join you (nothing could be better for them!). Or it might mean that your child has to sit with their own boredom sometimes, long enough that they come to the other side of it, to the place where creativity is sparked. You might be surprised at what they create when they have a few good materials to work with and no entertainment from the outside. Reducing or eliminating media might mean tantrums a few times, but if you make a consistent boundary, they will soon come to accept it. And on the other side is more connection to the real world--to family and friends and to nature, as well as to themselves.
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